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Custom Tailored Training

Wherever on the Cerec learning curve you or your staff may presently be, Dr. Waldron will start by finding out the specific needs of the people you’ve assigned to operate the system, and custom–design a training routine tailored to their current skill level.

Consistently improve your skill on the Cerec 3D system

Cerec Onsite President Dr. Gary A. Waldron: Practicing What He Teaches

Retired from dental practice after 27 years, Cerec Onsite's founder Dr. Gary Waldron blends consummate Cerec expertise with keen insight into dentistry's personal, professional and economic demands. As a trainer and teacher, his comforting chairside manner is ideally suited to helping employees of farsighted practices make the most of state–of–the–art Cerec technology.

Dr Gary Waldron can create for you a personalized Cerec learning experience in the comfort of your own office. For the last decade, Dr Waldron has been a "Patterson Dental Certified Trainer", training hundreds of dentists (general dentists and prosthodontists alike) throughout the USA. He created "CerecOnsite", a company that specializes in teaching dentists and their team's effective and profitable implementation of the technology.

As a visionary, he was one of the first doctors in the Portland/Vancouver area to adopt Cerec into his busy practice. Dr Waldron, a 1975 graduate of Loma Linda University, practiced in Vancouver, Washington for 27 years before retiring. Now as a Cerec leader, he has conducted numerous two-day assistant training courses and is a featured speaker at Cerec Study Clubs throughout the Northwest region.

As a "value added" feature to his presentations, he has written numerous design strategy workflow manuals which assist the user going forward. One only has to ask those that Dr Waldron has trained, to learn just how passionate he is about this technology!

The shortest path to proficiency

With Cerec Onsite training, you can avoid long months of trial and error as your new restoration creation system gets up to speed. Now you and your staff can get the answers, gain the understanding and build the confidence they need to achieve maximum quality and productivity in the shortest time …in your office, on your equipment.

An accelerated return on your investment in Cerec

Research shows that in learning to use sophisticated systems, extensively trained people consistently outperform self–taught or minimally trained personnel. The sooner and the better an employee is trained, the more quickly their employer profits. In no profession is this truer than in dentistry …and in no aspect of dentistry more than crown–making.

Getting better all the time

All employees learn over time, but those receiving extended training learn faster and more deeply. That means the benefits of onsite Cerec instruction go beyond the initial learning curve. In fact, the productivity of expertly trained doctors and staff tends to keep on exceeding that of self–taught operators by ever–widening margins as years go by.

Learning right… where you are

Apart from the travel costs and downtime involved, sending staff members offsite for Cerec training can have several drawbacks. First, learning the system in unfamiliar surroundings, on someone else's equipment, may mean that your people will later need additional time to adjust to using your equipment, under real–world office conditions. With our customized onsite training, however, you and your staff can learn while you produce, in your own practice environment. The result: less interruption of productivity, a shorter learning curve, and a possible opportunity to charge for services provided to patients as training takes place.

Making an aesthetic difference

Producing quality Cerec restorations is a blend of science and art, involving a full understanding of both Cerec functionality and the aesthetic standards that distinguish the work of your practice. With Dr. Waldron’s help, you and your staff will quickly learn to master the Cerec’s ability to create restorations that reflect the excellence of your dentistry.

The best impression on patients

The best impression Showing patients a 3D preview of their new inlay, onlay or crown — swiftly and artfully generated by a skilled Cerec operator — can greatly enhance the success rate of patient referrals, in part by allowing them to feel involved in the process. The tips and tricks imparted by Dr. Waldron will give you and your staff that confidence–building efficiency …and help increase the volume of restorative work you perform.