Cerec Training Testimonials

The training helped all of our staff feel comfortable using Cerec

"Dr. Waldron's training was practical and informative. The training helped..." [read more]

Completely changed the way I design a restoration

"I recently took the Advance Training Cerec Course with Dr. Gary Waldron. I was pleased with the overall level of knowledge..." [read more]

Renewed enthusiasm in the potential of Cerec

"As you know, before your visit to my office, my Cerec and I were marginal friends at best. Having reached the point of..." [read more]

I now realize just how much I really did not know

"When we first spoke on the phone I told you that I had been using the previous version of CEREC for..." [read more]

Much more valuable than sitting in a classroom

"Before I even received delivery on my CEREC 2 years ago, I found Dr. Waldron's website and scheduled my..." [read more]

Training that will save me money over my practice life

"Your training has been invaluable. I am having to replace many, ok alot, of my previously placed cerec restorations..." [read more]

Easily integrate Cerec technology into your office

"I believe that Cerec technology offers amazing benefits to dental practioners today! One of the challenges is..." [read more]

We're Listening

We appreciate the words of endorsement and advice we've received over the years from our clients. If you have been involved in a Cerec Onsite training, and would like to submit comments or feedback, please visit our Contact Us page.

Contact information for the writers of these endorsements is available by request.